Meet The Team

Tim Loudon

Tim started consulting back in 2006 with Fortune 500 companies, where he specialized in ad-hoc analysis and reporting. After transitioning to full-time software development in 2009, Tim ran large-scale projects for a very fast-growing tech agency as the VP of Engineering; clients included Olympus Medical, Waste Management, Stanford University, and Alloy Media. Tim started his own boutique agency in 2013, and has focused primarily on high ROI projects and what can best be described as crisis management in the software development world.

Tim grew up in Nebraska, went to college in Ann Arbor, MI, and lived in Boston, MA for six years before moving to Portland, OR in 2013. He has three wonderful kids that are growing up a little too quickly.

Rico Jones

Rico combines a deep background in business with nearly a decade of experience developing software. He spent his early career doing financial analysis and supply chain management for a manufacturing company. Eventually, he transitioned to software development; first building out a suite of line-of-business web apps, before starting to work more broadly in the field. He is just as comfortable reading a balance sheet, forecasting Q3 demand, or writing marketing copy as he is cranking out code.

Rico was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he also attended university. After getting hitched, he and his wife started migrating north, stopping first in the San Francisco Bay Area before settling in Portland, OR. They have three children and recently welcomed a huge fluffy white dog named Zeus as the latest addition to their family. In his spare time, Rico runs a book club and helps organize local programming meetups.

Josh Miller
Senior Software Engineer

Josh has over a decade of experience creating software for a variety of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the web.

Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Josh enjoys cooking, experiencing the natural beauty of Oregon, and listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Guru Khalsa
Software Engineer

Guru has been creating web applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ReactJS), and Ruby (on Rails) for over 5 years.

A Portland native, Guru enjoys getting himself into trouble with DIY projects and spending time with his wife and their two dogs.

Janik Knittle
Software Engineer

Janik has been creating web and mobile applications with Ruby (on Rails) and ReactJS for over 5 years.

Arriving in Portland after fleeing the sun of his native Arizona, Janik is an avid dirt biker who loves fast machines.